What a great day!!!

Now two weeks into this journey of dieting and trying (when the knee allows) to exercise and can honestly say I feel great, I’ve lost 10 pounds so far and while that might not seem like a lot with as much as I’m carrying I feel it in my face, my clothes aren’t tight and I feel amazing already, more energy and I feel accomplished and less cravings which is so nice! I’m actually eating and trying new stuff that I would have never done before, crazy and loving it. This app I’m using is really holding me accountable. If I lose what I want before the weight loss surgery I wouldn’t qualify anymore with the exception I have high blood pressure so that will still allow it. So excited for this journey!!!

Today was a good day as well for my Perfectly Posh business since our Fab and Floral catalog came out and already have my transition kit coming on Monday so going to get busy and make my samples to get out to my wonderful customers, friends and family! Then I’m super excited for our new Line called Defiant and reversing some of this aging especially around the eyes, it will be here soon! So if you would like samples of our products click on the who wants Samples link below! Can’t wait to share this with you!

Who wants Samples?


This brat

This cat. Oh my gosh he’s a brat. Do you have one of those? But I find so much joy in coming home to seeing him. About four years ago he showed up at our home. I had strict instructions from the hubby not to touch him cause we don’t know if he has diseases and don’t want to give our animals anything. Then few laters later he showed up hungry and often. It was clear his owners left him when they moved. We figured out who they were later as he kept going back to that house. We slowly let him visit more and more. Fixed up a home for him in the garage as it was so cold outside and fast forward now he sleeps inside and eats off my plate. See. Brat! Good saying is Dogs have Masters and Cats have Staff!


So this picture means so much to me

I’ve always been one of this driven people to always push the hardest at one I do. And rarely took time for me because I had a home to take care of. A challenging career which I was so blessed to get, sitting on the board for a first five program, networking meetings, and events with my own business but this is one thing that gives me some time to myself to think, to reflect, to regroup and cry if I need to. There is something so special about time alone which is something we all need and I never did a lot of when I was younger. So what do you do for you that clears your mind and soul?


It’s a good day!

Much better day, I quit beating myself up for a spell. I went to lunch with a friend, studied the menu before we went and tossed around which meal I would go with. I ended up doing the Shrimp Stir Fry, something I wouldn’t normally order but it was surprisingly good and I was totally satisfied. I did some time on the bike tonight and stayed well within my allocated calories today. I finally really told Sherman how I was beating myself up and hating myself for letting my weight take control of my life. He has tears as we talked about it, well we both did. He said you know I know the feeling, that is how I lost the 65 pounds years ago, feeling just like that. He said he would be more supportive and this was a good time for him to get healthier too.

Turning Point was a good day, whenever I get to go into programs and chat with them it’s a good day. I love being able to help in some way while they are on the ground helping people in need. It’s my part back to society for letting me survive my baggage and being blessed with a great therapist that really helped me get through it all. Not a job I could do but appreciate those that can.

And oh my Posh life. I got these great gifts to give my team and will be here any day and love being able to spoil them. They so deserve it for hanging in there while I learn and made mistakes. (who doesn’t uh?) We are looking forward to a new catalog launch of our spring line on the 26th, so excited to see what is coming soon and sharing with all my friends, family and customers. If  you are ever interested please drop me a line, I’d love to share some samples with you! Thank you for the good juju and hanging in there while I continue to be a hot mess! xoxo