Super excited

We are getting ready to launch our new extra catalog for the spring season on the 26th. Yesterday we got a sneak peek and I’m loving it. So I’ll share here too and start taking names of peeps that would love to get on my sample list. I have some samples already made from our core catalog too which means nothing leaves for the full year. My favorite so far is cheat sheets which are for under the eyes and then serum for several days. I’m loving it and my girlfriends are too. I hope you’ll give it a try!!! Nothing to lose and so much to gain! Here is our sneak peeks!

The hubby and I went to get our passport process started yesterday as I’ve earned the trip to Punta Cana. Now hoping the government doesn’t stay shut down too long otherwise it could be a problem. We needed to get them anyhow so we could go to Mexico as well. Check out these photos and don’t laugh too hard okay?? Lol

The weight loss is going well this last week. I stayed within goal. I did some exercise but not nearly what I should have but some is better than nothing right??? I feel better though I’m still having some cravings for sweets as I love my sugar. One day at a time. I find the diet app really helps to hold me accountable and keeps great track. I’ll get there.

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