Why did I?

Reality has been setting in on this weight loss surgery. Went to my class on Saturday and totally forgot to check in but did so at the end of the class. Didn’t lose any weight. Gained one pound. I was in tears because it all really hit that this is going to be life changing and not sure I was taking it all serious enough but then again I’m harder on myself than anyone. Then went to my stress test and did the treadmill and asked the tech so what’s next she gave me the normal drill so you’ll see the doctor so he can decide to clear you for surgery. It just hit me again. Every doctor appointment I hear something that isn’t favorable and just makes me feel like a failure for letting it get this bad and so out of control. All I wanted to do was come home and eat so I had some celery. Lol. Food was my comfort so now I need to find something to replace that and don’t know what it is for me just yet.

At least my Perfectly Posh journey is fun and makes me smile. I came home and made sample packets which I haven’t done in a long time as we don’t have new ones pre made yet so that was keeping me busy. I have met some of the most amazing women that support me. Care about me and ask how I’m doing so that is awesome to have some support through this all. I also care so much about them. They are all so amazing and love seeing their lives. Can’t wait to meet many of them. I’m so glad to be a part of this! So with that. Even though it’s 3:30am I’m gonna take a nice hot bath and relax and get ready to slay the day!

So If I can, then you can!

3 thoughts on “Why did I?”

  1. Step by step, day by day, you’ve got this. Do not look back with “why did I let it go so long” look forward and believe this is the right time for you and you CAN make this a successful journey.

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  2. One thing I have learned on my journey thru life the last 7 years is this: never look back on life with any regrets, and never…NEVER…question your decisions/choices with ‘What if’s’. We, as human beings all make mistakes in life – it’s a reality, so we just move on and make better choices going forward! You’re on an awesome journey and you’re going to do amazingly well. You’ve got this! Both the weight loss journey and your Posh journey…You got this!! ❤

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    1. Thank you Shelli!! Just ugh. So many emotions and when you write it down it’s like wow. Know what I mean? Today is a new day and no doctor appointments thank goodness!!


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